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Swimming Gala

Dartford District And Erith District Firework Gala


At the weekend I went to the Dartford District And Erith District Firework Gala! It was on all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I only went in the afternoons as you had to get up very early to go in the mornings. On the Saturday when I arrived at the pool I felt a bit nervous but not very much as I’ve done quite a few galas now. First you have to register by crossing your name of a list, and then you go through to the changing rooms to get ready. Once you are changed you go through to poolside and find you club (I’m in Dartford District), then you sit down and wait for everyone to arrive! Each age group has a certain time to get into the pool and do warm up, my age group went first and we had 10 minutes, in that 10 minutes we had to warm up and practice any stroke we were doing that day, and practice diving (or backstroke starts)! After everyone has warmed up, they start the actual races. At this point I didn’t really feel nervous because I was with my friends and having fun! The time passed very quickly and soon it was time for me to do my first race 100m IM! Your name gets called out and you have to go to the changing rooms to get sorted into your heat, then you line up and wait to start your race. Eventually you get taken round to a set of chairs and when the people who have just dived in are in the water, you walk round and stand behind your diving block waiting for your race to begin. By this time I begin to feel a little bit nervous again, but really I know it doesn’t matter and it’s only for fun! Then it’s time for me to get up on the block, when I’m on the block I don’t feel nervous but I don’t exactly feel relaxed either! You have to dive in and the first stroke is butterfly, so you do 25m of that then 25m of all the other strokes, in the order of butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle! In that event I came 3rd place! Then I went and sat back down and had a rest, then I had to go through the same routine again but this time when I dived in I was doing 50m freestyle! I came 5th in that! After that race I was finished for that day, so I got changed and went back home! But the next day was Sunday and I was back again, this time doing the 50m butterfly! When I went onto poolside I sat down with my friends, but then I had to go and do my warm up. I only had to wait about 20 minutes for my race, and then the time came for me to go round to the changing room. Where I got sorted into my heat, we had to wait for a while, while the people doing backstroke finished their races. Then I got on the block and dived in the pool and did 50m butterfly! I came 2nd in that (Getting the Kent qualification time)!!!!!! :D  :D I then got changed and went home! (On the Saturday after the gala we had fireworks as it was the 5th of November)! I had lots of fun at the gala!