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The boy in the striped pyjamas

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas:

Hey guys, it’s Bubblegum! Today, I wanted to do a blog on a book that Year 6 has been reading:  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. However, before I begin, I would like to do a quick shout-out to Phoebe in Year 5 – she has been CONSTANTLY asking me to do that, so I think she’ll be happy that the entire Internet can see her name on my post. P.S. If you do happen to be Phoebe, I hope you won’t keep asking me now! Anyways, back to the blog…

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is set in World War Two, one of the most horrific periods of Britain. Many people concentrate on Britain, the Blitz, and things that happened to our country in WWII, simultaneously overlooking the shocks that Germans had to endure during that time period. Unfortunately, Hitler (the Chancellor of Germany at the time and leader of the brutal Nazi party) didn’t want certain people living in his country – namely Jews, Communists, the disadvantaged and the disabled. Consequently, he organised the Holocaust. The Holocaust was when innocent Jewish people were forced out of their home, moved into a smaller house with other Jewish families and then eventually taken to a death camp, where they would be gassed. Generally, people forget about how Germany suffered as well as countries around the world, and I think that book really highlights the German side of things.

The story begins by introducing a nine-year-old boy called Bruno, who is suddenly told by his parents that the entire family is moving elsewhere because of his father’s job. Bruno, whose family is extremely rich, lives in a five- storey house in Berlin. Understandably, Bruno has trouble accepting the decision that his family has made, especially since the new house is located in the middle of nowhere and is far smaller and shabbier than their previous home. In the first week, Bruno notices a large fence outside of his house with some rather shabby-looking people living behind it, who all seem to be wearing the strange, striped pyjamas. Soon enough, his curiosity becomes the better of him, and he eventually becomes tangled in a mess he never knew he was in.

The strapline of this book is ‘A story of innocence in a world of innocence’, which I think completely true – the book highlights how Bruno is so young, but how he somehow gets involved in problems that even an adult wouldn’t be able to handle. Having read this book, I would definitely recommend it to older readers, because of how emotional and heartfelt this book is.

That’s all I have for you guys today. My next post will be in two weeks, so watch this space!

Bubblegum popping out!