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The School and Grounds

Shears Green Junior School Virtual Tour

Welcome to our virtual tour.

Have you ever wondered how Shears Green got its name?


Shear relates to the word sheriff which is medieval in origin. So Shears Green is a green belonging to or used by a sheriff - sheriff's green.

Sheriff/shears is a contraction of the term 'shire reeve'.


Did the sheriff ride around on a horse wearing a stetson and a star badge?


In Anglo-Saxon England the reeve was a senior official with local responsibilities under the Crown, e.g., as the chief magistrate of a town or district. ​

After the Norman conquest a reeve acted as the overseer of the serfs and peasants on an estate.


The sheriff may have ridden around on a horse but definitely no stetson or badge!


So next time someone tells you it is a place where sheep were sheared - you can tell them how our school really got its name.

Shears Green Junior School was officially opened in 1958. The main building has twelve classrooms in three bocks of two classrooms upstairs and two classrooms downstairs. The four year 6 classrooms are new modular buildings constructed in 2014 separate from the main building.

The school has an impressive ICT suite and library.

There is a large playground with various seating and activity areas.

The school is set amidst large, grassed areas where extra provision is made for environmental study. There are ponds, a wildlife area and outdoor teaching spaces.

The school has excellent sports facilities