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Local Area Plan - Week 2


Lesson 1 - LO: To be able to find local sculptures


When you are walking around your local area, have a look at some of the sculptures you come across. Examples include the Princess Pocahontas statue and the Queen Elizabeth II statue. (This can instead be done by looking at photographs on the internet with adult permission if unable to leave house, or by looking at the example photographs.)


It may be useful to take a photograph of the sculpture to help with later lessons.


Pay close attention to any information plaques you can find. You may wish to take a rubbing, a picture, or to write some notes – this will be helpful for later.


Lesson 2 - LO: To be able to make observations about local sculptures


Choose one of the sculptures that you came across in lesson 1.


Why do you think your sculpture was made?

What impact do they have in the local area?

Can you find any other interesting facts about your sculpture?



Lesson 3 - LO: To be able to design a site specific sculpture


Think about a park near you. Examples include Woodlands Park, Wombwell Park and Jeskyns.


You will be designing your own sculpture that will be put into your local park. You can do this by drawing, or by using your laptop/tablet. Your sculpture should be of a famous person, someone that will inspire others.


Think about a sculpture that you think would enhance the community. This means that it will make people happy, and will make the community a better place.


Remember to write some information about your person that will be used on your plaque.


For example:


our longest reigning monarch.



Queen and Empress

20th June 1837 - 1897

Photos of Statues in Gravesend