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Compass work with Miss Cave-Brown

Miss Cave-Brown talks through compass points.

Lesson 1

TBAT know the points of a compass

Go to: and select ‘Compass and directions’ explaining the 4-point, 8-point and 16-point compass.

Make your own compass

You will need:

  • Piece of paper (cut into a circle)
  • Paper clip
  • Small container
  • Water
  • Magnet

What to do:

  1. First draw the face of a 4-point compass on your paper.
  2. Then attach a paper clip through the paper from North to South.
  3. Next magnetise the paper clip by rubbing the magnet south to north on your drawn compass about 30 times (only rub in one direction).
  4. Carefully place the paper compass in the water, it will then turn to face north.

With your compass, write down what you can see at each compass point. You could do this: in your house, garden, outside your front door, park.

Lesson 2

TBAT understand map symbols

Go to: and select ‘Map Symbols’ to the see the different symbols that are shown when you look at ordinance survey maps.

Think about the area you live in. Look at the ‘Map Symbols’ PDF in the resources section. How many of these symbols do you think you would find in your local area? Draw your own key for the features you think you might find when looking at a map of the local area.

Go to:

Username: DA117JB

Password: snooms4828

Type in the school postcode or your own house postcode to see a map of the area you live in. How many of the symbols you identified can you see on the map? Don’t forget to look at the different types of roads and buildings.

Lesson 3

TBAT compare two contrasting areas

Now you now a little more about the area you live in, you are going to compare it to a contrasting area. For example: Peak District, Great Yarmouth, Cornwall or any other area you wish to compare.

Using the ‘Map Symbols’ PDF what other features can you now see in this area, compared to what you found out about the area you live in.

Write a short paragraph to compare the 2 areas you have found out about.