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Transition to Our School

Transition to Shears Green Junior School

Arrivals and Departures 

ClassGateDrop -OffCollection


previously 9

Pedestrian Gate on White Avenue8.40am3.20pm


previously 12

Top Gate on White Avenue8.40am3.20pm


previously 10

Top Gate on White Avenue8.40am3.20pm


previously 11

Car Park Gate on White Avenue8.40am3.20pm

This is currently under review as we work with the infants to create a system that works for all families.


When you bring your child to the gate, there will be an adult to greet you and direct your child to their classroom.

On the first day of term, the class teacher will be waiting on the gate at 8.40am to welcome and show them the way to their classroom. If you have any messages, please email them to the office or class teacher. 

If your child needs to be collected by somebody else other than yourself, please let the office know in advance.

Please be considerate of local residents when driving or parking around our school. Please do not block local drive ways and consider parking away from the school and walking in. 

School Uniform

We have adopted an 'active' school uniform at Shears Green Junior School. Children will only need one uniform for all occasions, allowing us to be flexible in our teaching. 

Children are not permitted to wear jewellery in school other than a wrist watch. Stud earrings may be worn but must be removed for PE and games. Nail varnish should not be worn nor should children have false nails. If your child has long hair, it should be tied back. 



All equipment such as pens, pencils and rulers etc are provided by the school.  The children do not need to bring anything with them, apart from a plastic sports water bottle.

It is useful if this can be brought in a small rucksack, so that when they receive a school reading book, or bring home a piece of work (e.g. an arithmetic paper) they have a way to carry it home.

Arbor App


We use the Arbor App for all your school needs.  This can include

- inputting contact details

- medical needs

- book clubs

- book parents evenings

- pay for meals. 


Please can you download this using Google Store or Play Store.  If you have any questions, please contact the office on 01474 567359 or

Wrap Around Clubs


Breakfast club

When: 7:30am to the start of the day

Where: Please drop your child off at the office (through the pedestrian gate on White Avenue)

Cost: £3.50 per session. Paid through the Arbor App

How to book: You can send your child(ren) as frequently/infrequently as you wish.  Please book on the Arbor app (in the Clubs section)

Food available: Children are provided with a selection of cereals, toast, bagels, etc as well as fruit juices and hot chocolate.

Allergies: Please inform us of any allergies or special dietary requirements, this can also be done through the Arbor App, or through the office.

Activities: After they have eaten, the children are encouraged to play games, colour, read etc with their friends.

Questions: If you have any further questions please speak to the office


Homework Club

Who runs this: This is run by the school and school staff

When: from end of school till 4:30pm

Where: In the dining room.  Please pick up your child from reception (through the pedestrian gate on White Avenue)

Cost: £3.50 per session   Paid through the Arbor App

Activities: Children are encouraged to complete Spelling Frame, Reading Plus and TT Rockstars, amongst other activities, to support their learning in school.

Snack: A biscuit and a drink are provided. If your child has any allergies or special dietary requirements, then please inform the office, or complete on the Arbor App.


Busy Bees

Who runs this: This is a separately run service by Busy Bees.

Where: It is based at the infant school.  Children from the junior school are collected by a member of Busy Bees and taken to the infants after school. You can pick them up from the infant school.

Further details: Please contact Busy Bees on 01474 813076


School Clubs

Every other term, a timetable will be sent out with optional clubs for the children to partake in, that the teaching staff provide.

Time: Year 5 and 6 - end of school till 4:00pm

          Year 3 and 4 - end of school till 4:10pm

Cost: free

Pick up: Please enter through the pedestrian gate and wait on the grass.  Children will be escorted out, by staff, through the office.


These are booked through the Arbor App, and change 3 times a year (September, January and April) and last for 2 term.  Each time a new timetable comes out, they need to be rebooked.

These are on a first come, first served basis.  


Food in school


School meals

Our school meals are healthy, nourishing and delicious, and are provided by our in school caterers, who are able to cater for allergies and special dietary requirements (please advise us of these through the Arbor App).  Our menu and allergen list are regularly updated, so please visit


Meals need to be paid for on the Arbor App.  The current cost is £2.50 per child per day.   Children will then choose their meal (red option: meat, green option: vegetarian, or jacket potato) in the morning at registration.


Free School Meals

If you are in receipt of certain income related benefits, then you may qualify for Free School Meals.

If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, please apply through the website or contact Gary Collier, our Family Liaison Officer on 


Packed lunches and snacks

If you are sending your child in with a packed lunch, please use a lunchbox or cool bag clearly labelled with your child’s name.  Please make sure that all drinks are in a leak proof plastic bottle (no glass please).  Healthy lunches are encouraged and include fresh fruit and vegetables, no sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks.  Nuts are not permitted in school, due to severe nut allergies.

At break, children can have a healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit or vegetable.  If these are in containers, please make sure they are clearly labelled.


Water in class

We encourage the children to drink water during the day, as studies have shown that drinking water can be of benefit to a child’s level of concentration.  Water bottles should be a clear plastic sports bottle, labelled and should only contain water, not fruit juice or flavoured water.  Bottles can be bought from the school office for £1, if you require.



Once a week, at breaktime, the children get a chance to buy one of our school cookies from the school canteen.  These currently cost 30p.

Monday - Year 3

Tuesday - Year 4

Wednesday - Year 5

Thursday  - Year 6

Attendance and Punctuality


Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their children attend school regularly and arrive on time.  Regular attendance is essential to all round development of the child so they can take full advantage of educational opportunities available to them in order to make good progress in their learning.  Poor attendance undermines their educational attainment and progress.



Children must always remain absent from school for a full 48 hours after any illness that includes vomiting and/or diarrhoea.


Report your child’s sickness absence

It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the school on the first day their child is absent.  This should be done by 10am either by phone 01474 567359 or by email to  This is a safeguarding issue requirement so that all parties are know that your child is safe and their whereabouts is known.  Parents should regularly update the school when their child is returning.  Pupils are expected to arrive in time for registration at 8:40am (for Years 5 and 6) and 8:50am (for Year 3 and 4).  All pupils who arrive late must report, with their parent, to the school office where the reason for lateness is recorded.  Failure to inform the school of the child’s absence may result in a home visit.




Headteachers can no longer authorise absence for holidays in term time.  It should be remembered that this is a Government led directive.  Children are required to attend school for 38 weeks each year, leaving 14 weeks to attend family holidays.


Request for absence

Any requests for leave during term time should be made in writing to the Headteacher detailing the exceptional circumstances.  Holidays in term time cannot be authorised.  Evidence of any exceptional circumstances may be required.

Medicines and Medical needs


Medical Appointments

Routine medical appointments should ideally be made out of school hours.  The school would appreciate written notice and a copy of the medical appointment the day before where these are unavoidable during school time.


Medical Needs

It is absolutely essential for the school to know of any relevant medical facts relating to your child, 

- allergies

- asthma

- eczema

- diabetes

- epilepsy

or any other medical condition.


Please keep the school regularly updated with any relevant medical information (including symptoms, medical needs, medication etc) so that appropriate provision can be made for each child.  Please contact our SENCO, Miss Searle,



Only prescribed medication can be administered in school.  Where possible, medication should be administered at home, but in the event of needing to be administered within the school day, parents must have submitted written consent.  The school will only accept prescribed medicines that are in-date, labelled, provided in the original container (as dispensed by the pharmacist) and include instructions for administration, dosage and storage).


Accidents, First Aid or Ill at school

Parents are contacted when children are unwell and or have seriously hurt themselves, especially if they have bumped their head.  Please make sure that we have at least two contact numbers and that they are kept up to date.


Special Educational Needs


If your child has Special Educational Needs, then please contact our SENCO, Miss Searle, on  



SEN Information

Things to practise over the summer:


- Tying your shoelaces;

- Telling the time (both analogue and digital clocks)

- Using a knife and fork;

- Drawing straight lines with a ruler.

Nelson - our school dog


Nelson is a retired greyhound who lives with Mr Paterson and enjoys lazing around in his office during the day.  Children may visit Nelson for many different reasons, including as a reward for hard work, if they are feeling worried or stressed, to read to him.  Children may also be chosen to walk Nelson at lunchtime (accompanied by an adult). 


There are many benefits to spending time with a school dog, including: physical, social, emotional and cognitive. 


The 'Dog's Trust' come into school in September to deliver workshops to Year 3 about how to behave around dogs and how to be 'Dog Smart'.


We understand that not all children have had experiences of dogs and this is an opportunity for them to have a 'share' in a dog and gain from the relationship they can have.  Although many children are keen to meet and pet Nelson, children who may be anxious are able to experience a dog from a distance and build that relationship if they want to.

Emergency Arrangements


We will always endeavour to open the school, but in cases of severe bad weather or other emergencies closure may be unavoidable.  In the event of a school closure, we will notify you by email, along with updates on our school website and via the local radio (for weather warnings).  Our school website details our emergency closure plans and where you can find the collection point for your child.