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Unicorn slime

Hey guys! Baby Blue here!


I’m addicted to slime – just the texture is relaxing. To be fair, I never make slime; only watch the videos and admire other people’s slimes, but still – who doesn’t like it? Anyway, I love unicorns and I love slime… so what about: UNICORN SLIME!

You will need: 4oz Elmer’s Glue (coloured glitter glue works best!), 1 tablespoon of contact solution and ½ tablespoon of baking soda.

Easy, right? Now all you need to do is follow these simple steps!

Step one: Put the glue in three bowls (different colour glue for each bowl).

Step two: Add the baking soda.

Step three: Mix well (if you used white or clear glue, now is the time to add any food colouring you might like).

Step four: Add the contact solution and mix really well; this is stick and messy, but after kneading, the slime should come together well.

Step five: Take out the three lumps of slime and roll it into a snake shape,

Step six: Once all three are rolled out, place them side by side.

Step seven: Roll them together to make a swirly rainbow.

And there you have it: unicorn slime! What easier way to make it? Ba-boom! Make sure to try this and go crazy with other ingredients if you want. Stay tuned for more slime recipes, other cute and quirky DIYs and more!

BTW, I get all of my slime recipes and DIYs from Wengie, one of the best YouTubers there is! Make sure to subscribe to Wengie and enjoy all of her awesome hack-tastic videos.


Baby Blue J