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Week 2

Maths      Year 3



Fractions on a number line Romans Comprehension (see resources section) See 'I am a warrior' learning pack.

Fractions of a set of objects 1

Speech marks are also known as inverted commas and today we are going to learn how they are used.

Speech marks – see resources section




Write your own conversation between two people. Don’t forget to only put speech marks (inverted commas) around what is actually being said.  Drawing a speech bubbles first might help you.


Fractions of a set of objects 2

Look at the text – Oliver and the Seawigs – (see resources)

Explore it - What is happening in this extract? Who are the central characters? Can you summarise what you’ve read in a couple of sentences? 

If there are words you don’t know or don’t understand, like ‘festoon’, ‘ramshackle’ or ‘albatross’ you could look them up in a dictionary or online.

Fractions of a set of objects 3

Oliver and the Seawigs

Explore it – Second half of this section - Read the extract together again.

Think about how it makes you feel, what you like/dislike about it. Does it remind you of anything you know in stories/real life? How? Think about how it is written. Do any parts of the extract really stick in your mind? Which words and phrases do you like best? What do you like about them? Do they look or sound interesting? Do they help you make a picture in your mind?

Think about Oliver, talking to a bird on what he finds is a moving island. What do you think you know about him, his parents, the situation he finds himself in? What kind of personality do you think he might have? How would you describe him?

Equivalent fractions (1)

Oliver and the Seawigs



Illustrate it – Listen to someone read text or read it yourself, drawing from your imagination. Talk about your drawing with an adult.