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Week 2 - 8/6/20 - 12/6/20

Year 3 Week 2 with Mr Bell

Mr Bell welcomes you to week 2 of term 6!

Maths      Year 3


White Rose Maths

Summer Term week 7 work W/C 8th June. 


The videos can be found at:

All worksheets and answer sheets are in the resources section


Lesson 1 L.O: TBAT identify equivalent fractions (1)

This week’s English ideas

Lesson 1 – LO: TBAT answer questions about a story


1. What was Anansi about to eat for lunch?

2. Why couldn’t turtle come to the table?

3. Why did Anansi keep sending turtle back to the river to wash his hands?

4. What happened to Anansi after he licked his lips?

5. What did turtle say is was rude to do?

6. What was the moral of the story?


Lesson 2 L.O:TBAT identify equivalent fractions (2)

Lesson 2

LO: TBAT identify word class


Remember, a verb is a doing word.
An adjective is a describing word.
A noun is a place, thing or name.

Read through Anansi and the turtle and identify as many verbs, nouns and adjectives as you can.



Lesson 3 L.O:TBAT equivalent fractions (3)

Lesson 3

LO: TBAT create a story board


Your task today is to create your own story board for Anansi and turtle. The scenes you need to draw are.

  1. Turtle going for a walk and smelling something good nearby.
  2. Turtle going to the river to wash his hands
  3. Anansi eating the yams while turtle is gone.
  4. Turtle greeting Anansi for lunch at the creek.
  5. Anansi jumping into the creek and shooting back to the surface.
  6. Anansi with his jacket on at the bottom of the river.
  7. Turtle eating lunch without Anansi.



Lesson 4 L.O:TBAT compare fractions

Lessons 4

LO: TBAT write an alternative ending.


The ending to this story was that turtle ate the lunch without Anansi. Re-write the ending to this story where by Anansi and turtle settle their differences and they have lunch together.

Success criteria:

  • Punctuation (full stops, capital letters, commas, speech marks)
  • Speech marks for dialogue between the characters (“ “)
  • Adjectives to describe the scene and create a picture for the reader.



Lesson 5 Friday

  1. Maths Challenge BBC Bitesize
  2. Arithmetic Test 2

See Maths folder for questions and answers


Arithmetic activity should take about 25 minutes.  Children can use a number line, a hundred square and equipment to help them count but should not use a times table grid.


For both tasks, write working out and answers on paper.


Lessons 5

LO: Spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Please see the Week 2 English resources