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Week 2

Maths      Year 4



Week 2 Lesson 1 – Divide 2-digits by 10

The Wild Robot Chapter One

TBAT research

Read chapter one, then complete table below.

What I already know about robots

What I want to find out about robots

What I have learned about robots.






Have a look at the links above for some ideas.

Lesson 1:

Science: TBAT identify deep-sea adaptations


What is adaptation?

Using the following links, make notes on how creatures have adapted for survival in the deep ocean.


Week 2 Lesson 2 – Hundredths

The Wild Robot Chapters 2 - 4

TBAT understand a character’s feelings

Please look at the picture of the otters, and the picture of the robot.

1. How are the characters feeling?

2. What do you think this story will be about?

3. What kind of story will it be?

4. Who are the characters and what is their relationship?

Lesson 2:


Art and design: TBAT create a deep sea creature


Have another look at some of the deep-sea creatures that you looked at in the previous lesson. Recreate this creature. Yiu may choose to do this through:


  • Drawing
  • Folding paper
  • Painting
  • Junk modelling
  • Clay modelling
Any other ideas you might have.

Week 2 Lesson 3 – Hundredths as decimals

The Wild Robot Chapters 5 - 6

TBAT understand Roz’s character

1. Do you think that she has learned anything from the otters? Why/why not?

2. Do we learn everything straight away?

3. What might be useful for Roz that she could learn from the otters?

Draw a picture of Roz. Once you have done this, write the survival skills that she has learned, and who she has learned them from. 

Week 2 Lesson 4 – Hundredths on a place value grid


TBAT write a diary entry

Consider what has happened in the book so far (you can have another read through if it will help).


Using your notes from the previous lessons, think about how Roz is feeling, as well as the experiences that she has been having.


You are going to be writing a diary entry as Roz. You only need to write two paragraphs, and should choose to either write about when you first woke up, or your experiences in either chapter 5 or 6.


Remember to use your research about robots to help you!

You should also remember to write in first person and write in the past tense.


Week 2 Lesson 5 – Divide one or two digits by 100


Examples of work