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Week 4 - 22/6/20 - 26/6/20

Heinz Beanz. A can size for every Aussie:


White Rose Maths Link:


Money Maths Games:




Pounds and pence

Lesson 1

 LO: TBAT understand a character’s viewpoint.

Watch 1 minute of the video.

  1. What do you think Geoff is trying to do?

Watch the rest of the video.

  1. How do you think Geoff felt every time the beans exploded?
  2. Why do you think Geoff never gave up, even though it didn’t always go to plan?

Ordering money

Lesson 2

LO: TBAT recognise the main features of a letter.

Have a look at the example persuasive letter.

Have a look at how the letter begins and ends.

Take notes of any interesting sentence openers.

Write down any words that are interesting.

What features do you notice?

Once you have thought about the features for yourself, access the ‘Persuasive Letter Writing’ PowerPoint.

Estimating money

Lesson 3

 LO: TBAT plan a persuasive letter.

Watch the video again.

Using the ‘Persuasive Letter Planning Sheet’, plan your persuasive letter.

You need to think of a way that Geoff could make his beans better. For example, you might think that the beans should be sold in a reusable cup or mug, or you may think that the shape of the tin should be square instead of round. In the next lesson, you will be writing to Geoff to convince him to use your ideas.

Four operations

Lesson 4

LO: TBAT write a persuasive letter.

Using your planning from lesson 4, write your persuasive letter.


Lesson 5

Arithmetic test – week 4

Lesson 5

LO: TBAT accurately punctuate sentences.

Complete page 1 of ‘Punctuation Worksheets’. (Answers for parents on final page).

Extension: Complete pages 2, 3 and 4.

REMEMBER the features of a persuasive letter.

REMEMBER to read through your work and check your spelling, punctuation and grammar, and if it makes sense.