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Week 4 - 22/6/20 - 26/6/20

Year 3 English (Week 4)

Maths      Year 3


White Rose Maths

Summer Term week 9 work 22nd  June. 


The videos are still on the website, but the links can be found on the document called

Year-3-Week-9 Video links

All worksheets and answer sheets are in the resources section


Lesson 1 L.O: TBAT identify right angles in shapes

This week’s English ideas

Lesson 1 – LO: TBAT describe a setting using the senses.


After watching the first section of ‘Tadeo Jones’ (up to 3:30) have a think about what the character sees as he walks through the Egyptian tomb.


While watching the video think about:

What can you see? E.g. Pitch-black, winding tunnels Enormous, ancient bricks Elaborate carvings

What can you hear? E.g. Eerie, still silence Crumbly, falling debris

How does the setting feel (its aura or physical touch)? E.g. Cold, airless rooms Close, claustrophobic feeling etc.


Your task is to:

Create some descriptive sentences and phrases thinking about,

What can you see? What can you hear? How does the setting feel?


Lesson 2 L.O:TBAT compare angles

Lesson 2

LO: TBAT use personification


Watch ‘Tadeo Jones’ up to 3:30.


Personification gives an object human characteristics such as emotions, sensations, speech or actions. E.g. The punishing waves crashed ferociously and swallowed the poor swimmer. The waves are described as 'punishing' and 'ferocious'. They are also given a human action – swallowing. We know that waves cannot literally swallow things!


Your task today is to:

Match human actions to objects. You can write a range of sentences to describe the actions of objects using personification. Resource 2b (this can be found in the English resource tab).


Lesson 3 L.O:TBAT identify horizontal and vertical lines

Lesson 3

LO: TBAT write a detailed setting description.


Watch ‘Tadeo Jones’ up to 3:30.


Using what you have done in lesson 1 and 2 your task today is to create your own setting description of the Egyptian Tomb. If you are stuck with ideas have a look at example 5a which can be found in the ‘Tadeo Jones’ resource pack.


Success criteria:

  • Punctuation (CL . , ! ?)
  • Adjectives for description
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Personification
  • 1st person
  • Present tense


Lesson 4 L.O:TBAT identify parallel and perpendicular lines

Lessons 4

LO: TBAT select the main parts of a story and list them in chronological order.


Your task today is to watch all of ‘Tadeo Jones’, your task is to pick out the key points to the story and create a list of them. You may want to present your work on a storyboard or you may want to write out some descriptive sentences to explain what is going on.


If you get stuck identifying the key events in the story, have a look at resource 6b which can be found in the English resource tab.


Lesson 5 Friday

  1. Maths Challenge BBC Bitesize
  2. Arithmetic Test 4

See Maths folder for questions and answers


Arithmetic activity should take about 25 minutes.  Children can use a number line, a hundred square and equipment to help them count but should not use a times table grid.


For both tasks, write working out and answers on paper.


Lessons 5

LO: TBAT comprehend.


Read through the poem ‘Queen Summer’.


This can be found in the English tab at the top of the page.


Have a go at answering the questions.


Tadeo Jones

This weeks tasks will all be based on this short video.