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Archived Week 4 - 22nd June to 26th June

Term 6 Week 4 Plan

(Topic Plan is under Topic sub page)





Lesson 1


Watch the clip and work through the accompanying quizzes with it:

Complete the types of angles worksheet.


Watch the video reminding you about angles on a straight line and in triangles.

Have a go at the two worksheets in the resources folder.

If you are feeling like a challenge – try the challenge sheet too!







Read Chapters 15 and 16.

Watch this clip to remind you how to use a dictionary.

Using a dictionary, find the meanings of these words taken from the chapters you have read today. If you do not have an actual dictionary you may wish to use an online one. Remember to read the sentence the word is in so that you choose the correct meaning from the dictionary.

Pg 47 – dashing

Pg 48 – evolution

Pg 48 – ancestor

Pg 49 – palm

Pg 52 – figment

Pg 53 – arthritis

Pg 54 – mingling

Pg 54 – hesitated

If you are feeling like a challenge, then have a go at using a thesaurus to find synonyms of some of these words (words that mean the same).


Complete 1 book on Reading Plus




Lesson 2


Watch the clips and complete the activities that accompany it:

Watch the Powerpoint presentation on nets for further information and recapping on 3D shape names and their nets.

Complete the Nets of 3D shapes resource sheet.

If you feel like doing more, there is another set of worksheets labelled Shape Nets in the resource folder.

Read Chapters 17 and 18.

Look at the Powerpoint presentation on determiners. Work through the worksheets to identify determiners in sentences (they get a little harder as you go through them).

Then have a go at the determiners mini test.

All answers are in with the resources.


Complete 1 book on Reading Plus

Lesson 3


Watch the clip and accompanying activities on:

Have a go at the Zoo co-ordinates worksheet.

For a challenge, look at the other co-ordinates sheet. This involves reflection and co-ordinates!

Read Chapters 19 and 20

Answer these inference questions about what you have read so far.

1. Why does Michael ask the Doctor at the hospital about how to help people with arthritis? Why do you think he says it is for his friend? (pg 62)

2. Why do you think Michael changes his answer when asked about the baby? How do you think he feels? (pg 67)

3. What is Mina thinking just before Michael took her into the garage? How do you know? p70-71

4. ‘She took my hand and squeezed it.’ What does this tell us about how Mina and Michael’s relationship has developed? p71

5. What impression does the man have of Mina? How do we know? p74

6. What are Michael’s feelings towards the man being willing to die? How do we know this? p75


Complete 1 book on Reading Plus

Lesson 4

Maths Assessment – Geometry – Properties of shapes. Work your way through the questions.

Read Chapters 21, 22 and 23. Answer these questions about what you have read.

1. Mina’s mum tells Michael to tell Mina to ‘shut up’. What does this reveal about Mina and her mum’s relationship? Pg 85

2. How does the interaction between Michael and Mina show us that they are in disbelief? Why do you think they use that phrase? p79

3. Michael couldn’t believe that they were able to move the man so well. How do we know this? p81

4. What do you think Skellig was thinking when he was being carried by two children? p82

5. Why did Dad laugh after the teacher cycled away? Pg 83


Complete 1 book on Reading Plus

Lesson 5

Arithmetic Full Test 3 – children would usually be given 30 minutes to work through and answer the questions.

Grammar and Punctuation Test 5


Complete 1 book on Reading Plus


Remember to:

Take a photograph of your work this week and email it to your teacher:

Let your teacher know how you are coping with the work, or any worries you may have. Tell them about anything else you have been doing and share any pictures you wish to! Don’t forget to listen to the Podcasts – there has been some lovely entries – could you be one of them?