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Week 5

Week 5


Maths White Rose – Summer Term week 3 week commencing 4/5


3 you tube links for the Escape from Pompeii story:        part one            part two          ending


Volcano eruption on bitesize

Info about volcanos

The National Geographic for kids site – scroll down to the bottom to find videos





Lesson 2 Roman Mosaics


Lesson 3 Roman towns


Maths      Year 3



White Rose Maths

Summer Term week 3 work – W/C 4th May.  Money


Scroll down the  web page to find the correct week

Lesson 1 L.O:TBAT convert pounds and pence

This week’s English is linked to a lovely book

Lesson 1 – LO: TBAT make predictions

Look at the front cover of the book and write down what you think the story is about.

Then watch the videos of it being read on youtube

History activities


Lesson 1 LO: TBAT understand a Roman diet.


Try and make some Roman bread!


Lesson 2 L.O:TBAT add money

Lesson 2

LO: TBAT find clues in the text.

Look at the resource called ‘ Escape from Pompeii story with pictures’

Answer the questions about the text

Lesson 2 LO: TBAT use other artist’s work to influence our own


Make a mosaic

Look at the powerpoint and the youtube video

Lesson 3 L.O:TBAT subtract money

Lesson 3

LO: TBAT use descriptive vocabulary

Watch videos of a volcano erupting.

Use the writing and pictures and draw a picture  of the erupting volcano and describe it using amazing adverbs and adjectives

Lesson 3  LO: TBAT identify towns on a map


Research places that Romans set up towns in the UK. What did the Romans call them? Find places that Romans invaded on a map of Britain. There is a video to watch

Lesson 4 L.O:TBAT use the 3 times table


Lessons 4

LO: TBAT write as a character

Re-read the story about when the volcano erupted. Think about what the characters saw, heard, felt and smelled. Write a diary as one of the characters that saw it.

There is an example of one another child has written.

Lesson 4 LO: TBAT sketch using descriptive language


Find out about the gods the Romans worshipped.

Read the descriptions of the Roman Gods. Can you sketch them from the description?


Lesson 5 Friday

  1. Maths Challenge BBC Bitesize – Clue-Dough bake challenge See video and PDFs
  2. Arithmetic Test 3. See Maths folder for questions and answers


Arithmetic activity should take about 20 minutes.  Children can use a number line, a hundred square and equipment to help them count but should not use a times table grid.


For both tasks, write working out and answers on paper.


Lessons 5

LO: TBAT write using adventurous vocabulary.

Think of a story where there is some sort of disaster that the characters have to get away from.

Jot a plan down first and then write…

If you type them up we could put the stories on the website!