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Week 5

Week 5

Week 5 Websites:





Lesson 3:



Lesson 1: 

Where is the Great Barrier Reef?

What is the Great Barrier Reef?

Lesson 2:

Blue Planet Video:


Maths      Year 4



Summer Term Week 3

Lesson 1: Multiply 2-digit number by 1 digit number

Lesson 1:

GPAS: LO: TBAT use punctuation correctly.

Punctuate the following sentences:

  1. where have you been all day
  2. i dont believe it
  3. youre my friend my very best friend
  4. how awful
  5. please could you fetch me three apples two pears a peach and a carton of orange juice

(Please feel free to check ‘Answers for English Lesson 1’ once this activity is complete).

Lesson 1:

LO: TBAT locate the Great Barrier Reef

Using the websites above and the Great Barrier Reef Information Pack, find some interesting facts about the Great Barrier Reef. Use the following questions as your subheadings:

What is it?

What is it made of?

Where is it?

You may also decide to draw a picture of the Great Barrier Reef.

Summer Term Week

Lesson 2: Multiply 3-digit number by 1 digit number

 Lesson 2:

LO: TBAT use inference to understand a character

Have a look at the Flotsam Book.

Look at page 2 of Flotsam.

The boy lying on his front on a towel.

  1. What items do you notice in the picture?
  2. Where is he? How do you know?
  3. What do you think he is doing?

From the images on this page, what kind of person do you think the boy is?

Use the objects to explain your answers. E.g. I think he likes animals because….

I think he likes to look at creatures closely because…

I think he is artistic because…


Lesson 2:

LO: TBAT present information about an animal from the deep sea.

Watch the Blue Planet video (link).

Choose an unusual animal from this video, whose habitat is the Great Barrier Reef.

Draw a picture of the animal of your choice, and write some information about it. This is an animal profile.

If you have room on the work completed during the previous lesson, you may wish to add your animal profile to this. You may instead wish to complete this as a separate piece of work.



Summer Term Week 3

Lesson 3: Divide 2-digit number by 1 digit number

Lesson 3:

LO: TBAT use descriptive vocabulary

Choose your favourite page from Flotsam.

Think of some adjectives (describing words) to describe the picture. (You can use an online thesaurus to up-level words).

Using your descriptive words, write a short paragraph about your chosen page.

Summer Term Week 3

Lesson 4: Divide 3-digit number by 1 digit number



Lesson 4 and 5:

LO: TBAT write a creative short story

Have another look at the page that you chose during the previous lesson.

Using the work from last lesson, write a short, creative story.

You could select one person/animal, and have them as your main character, or, the sea could have magical qualities, or maybe there is an evil villain lurking somewhere. The possibilities are endless!

Remember: Check your spellings, punctuation and grammar.


Summer Term Week 3

Lesson 5: Friday Challenge