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Week 6

Week  6 Websites

Maths White Rose – Summer Term week 4 week commencing 11th May


Lesson 1 and 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


Watch Ruth's video tips for parents on writing with a very young child


Maths      Year 3



White Rose Maths

Summer Term week 4 work – W/C 11th May. 


The videos are still on the website, but the links can be found on the document called

Year-3-Week-4 Video links

All worksheets and answer sheets are in the resources section

Lesson 1 L.O:TBAT multiply and divide by 4 and 8

This week’s English ideas

Lesson 1 – LO: TBAT sort words into word classes.


History activities


Lesson 1 LO: TBAT  identify different buildings in a Roman town

Find out about different buildings in a Roman town and design your own.

Lesson 2 L.O:TBAT multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Lesson 2

LO: TBAT Label a picture. Make sentences using word-classes. Write a story.


Lesson 2 LO: TBAT  understand what the Romans did for public health

Design/make a model of an aqueduct


Lesson 3 L.O:TBAT divide a 2 digit by a one digit

Lesson 3

LO: TBAT Read dictionary entries. Using a dictionary. Writing sentences or a story.    

Lesson 3  LO: TBAT

use different materials to create a structure

Draw/create your own version of Hadrian’s wall

Lesson 4 L.O:TBAT solve multiplication and division problems

Lessons 4

LO: TBAT Read a poem. Answer reflective questions. Read a poetry collection. 



Lesson 5 Friday

  1. Maths Challenge BBC Bitesize
  2. Arithmetic Test 4. See Maths folder for questions and answers


Arithmetic activity should take about 20 minutes.  Children can use a number line, a hundred square and equipment to help them count but should not use a times table grid.


For both tasks, write working out and answers on paper.


Lessons 5

LO: TBAT Read a poem. Revise metaphor and simile. Write a poem.