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Week 6 - 6/7/20 - 10/7/20

Maths      Year 3


White Rose Maths

Summer Term week 11 work W/C 6th  July. 


The videos are still on the website, but the links can be found on the document called

Year-3-Week-11 Video links

All worksheets and answer sheets are in the resources section


Lesson 1 L.O: TBAT measure mass (2)


This week’s English ideas

Lesson 1 – LO: TBAT answer questions about a text.


Read through the story ‘Androcles and the lion’ (found at the bottom of this page).


  1. Who was Androcles?
  2. What did Androcles eat from?
  3. What was wrong with the Lions paw?
  4. Where did Androcles’ masters men take him when they found him?
  5. Where are runaway slaves thrown?
  6. What did the emperor say to Androcles?
  7. What did the emperor give to Androcles?


Lesson 2 L.O:TBAT compare mass

Lesson 2

LO: TBAT draw a scene from a story


‘Suddenly he heard a terrifying growl and a lion appeared at the cave entrance. Androcles shrank back in horror.’


Using this piece of text from the story, your task today is to draw what you think this scene would have looked like.



Lesson 3 L.O:TBAT add and subtract mass

Lesson 3

LO: TBAT plan a descriptive setting


Today you need to research what it would have been like to attend a Roman arena when the emperor hosted gladiatorial games.


Gather together some adjectives that would describe:

  • What the arena looks like (big, huge)
  • What the sounds would have been like (loud, deafening)
  • What you can feel (scared, excited)


Lesson 4 L.O:TBAT measure capacity (2)

Lessons 4

LO: TBAT write descriptively.


You are someone in the arena watching Androcles fight the lion.

Your task is to describe the scene.



As I sat in the crowd that day, the sun baked the arena in a glorious summer glow. People around me were jeering and shouting, “No mercy!” Towards the gladiators. I looked around the colossal arena, thousands of people were on the edge of their seats in excitement at the prospect of gladiators battling to the death. Suddenly a roar from below the arena, the crowd fell silent. CRASH! The arena gates opened and a ferocious, blood-thirsty lion leapt into the centre of the arena.


Lesson 5 Friday

  1. Maths Challenge BBC Bitesize
  2. Arithmetic Test 6

See Maths folder for questions and answers


Arithmetic activity should take about 25 minutes.  Children can use a number line, a hundred square and equipment to help them count but should not use a times table grid.


For both tasks, write working out and answers on paper.


Lessons 5

LO: Spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Challenge cards can be found in the English resources tab at the top.

'Androcles And The Lion' read by Mr Bell