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Week 7 - 13/7/20 - 17/7/20



Lesson 1:

Lines of symmetry

LO – To be able to show how a character is feeling

Watch the troll scene from The Philosopher’s Stone -

When watching make a note of the different emotions that the characters might be feeling at different points throughout this scene.

Also read chapter 10.

Using stills from the clip (RESOURCE1)– chn will write ‘show not tell’ phrases so that the reader can understand how the character is feeling, without using the word for the emotions that you originally thought of.


For each picture ask: How is the character feeling? Show me feeling that way? How could you describe the actions of the character to show their feeling without saying how they are actually feeling?


Example of ‘show not tell for ‘crying’:

Her eyes filled with water and as she blinked tears came tumbling down her cheeks. 

Lesson 2
Complete a symmetrical figure

LO – To be able to use technical vocabulary.

Look at the ‘Guide to Trolls’ (RESOURCE2)

It has different information about trolls that have been created for this story.

Children are going to create their own ‘Guide to Dragons’. This will be a fictional piece of writing about dragons.

Show them the images of dragons below this plan.

Questions for discussion:

Where is it from?

  • Why is it so small?
  • Where does he live?
  • What does it eat?
  • What kind of dragon is it?
  • Is it magic?  What magic can it do?


Children to make notes about each of these questions.

Then show the next dragon and ask the same questions as above:Also ask the children about any similarities or difference the 2 dragons may have. The trolls are largely similar, apart from where they live (forest troll and mountain troll).



Lesson 3:

Describe position

LO – To use verbs and adverbs effectively

Today, children will be writing words and phrases about the actions that the dragons may have, from the 3 clips, children to write as many verbs and adverbs for the characters actions that they can think of.

Shrek - – from 1 min

How to train your dragon - – watch 1 min

Narnia - – watch 30 seconds

What verbs have you seen that a dragon might do?

Make a list – improve any verbs

What adverbs have you seen that could go with some of these verbs?


Lesson 4:

Draw on a grid

LO – To be able to write an information page

Using a double page spread – like the ‘Guide to Trolls’ (RESOURCE2) children will create their own information page (fact-file) about dragons.


Look at the features from this page.

Chn to stick success criteria in books and tick or highlight when included.



-Pictures, with labels

-technical vocabulary

-Full stops and capital letters

Lesson 5:


TBAT complete the arithmetic practice test.



Lesson 5:


LO: TBAT complete the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar task.


Please note: there are 3 SPAG mats attached, each with vary difficulty. Pick the one that is most appropriate for your level.