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Year 2 Transition

Welcome to Shears Green Junior School

This is a virtual tour for all of our new year 3 children starting in September 2020. Take a look around the school and meet some of the staff who will be lo...

All About Me Template. Please download and complete this sheet, once you have finished please email it back to your class teacher.

KS2 skill: going into school independently

Children will be dropped off at their allocated entrance, where they will be greeted by a teaching assistant. If there are any issues that the teacher needs to be made aware of, then parents can send a message via the person on the door. 

How you can help: If your child is anxious about being dropped off, encourage them to find a friend they can stay with until it’s time to go into the classroom. 


KS2 skill: working in a group

In KS2, children are expected to be more independent when working in groups. This involves a whole raft of new skills, such as listening to each other, explaining ideas clearly, taking turns, helping others, allowing everyone to contribute, and pulling the group’s ideas together into the end product.

How you can help: Look for opportunities to practise group work at home, such as baking a cake together, with one person reading the recipe and the other weighing out the ingredients, or collaborating with siblings or friends on making a LEGO model.


KS2 skill: supporting home learning

In KS2, children will be expected to read at home everyday for at least 20 minutes. In addition to this, children will also have their own login for TT Rockstars (for help with times tables) and Reading Plus (to improve reading skills). Three times a year, children will be given a topic home learning task, where they will need to research and present their learning. 

How you can help: Support your child by listening to them reading and encouraging them to have a regular allotted time to complete home learning.


KS2 skill: coping with play times

In KS2 play is generally more independent, they will have the opportunity to play and socialise with children in year 3 and 4 only. There will be a range of activities led by mid-day supervisors and play equipment for the children to play on. They will also have the opportunity to go outside for a well-being walk in the afternoon. 

How you can help: We have a Buddy Area where children can go if they want someone to play with, so encourage your child to use these if they’re feeling anxious or lonely. 


KS2 skill: organisation

Children in KS2 are expected to take more responsibility for organising themselves, for example by remembering to bring their reading books, PE kit and Forest School kit to school on the relevant days. It is also important that children's kit is clearly labelled, so they are able to keep it organised. 

How you can help: Get your child into the habit of unpacking and repacking their school bag themselves the evening before. 


Things to practise over the summer:

- Tying your shoelaces;

- Tying your tie;

- Telling the time;

- Using a knife and fork;

- Changing independently, including undoing your top button;

- Drawing straight lines with a ruler.