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Year 3

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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Term 6. We hope that you had a nice week off and enjoyed the sunshine.

This term we have an exciting new topic which will involve you immersing yourself into the local culture. Gravesend is a town with a rich historically heritage and over this term and the next we will set out tasks that will allow you to research all about the town you live in.

All of us teachers think that you have done an amazing job of adapting to the current situation. Keep up the good work!

The year 3 team.

 Transition to Year 4:


It has been lovely to see you on our Google Meet the Teacher over the last week.  We are all really looking forward to meeting you in September.  Please find below a copy of the display piece that your new teacher would like you to complete   Please return it to your class teacher by email:

Term 6 Home Learning

Daily Tasks


There are a few tasks you should be doing every day:


- telling the time;

- writing the date (correctly spelling days of the week and months of the year);

- tying shoelaces;

- recite a times table or playing TT Rockstars;

- reading (on your own or with an adult). 


5-10 minutes on these tasks each day will really make a difference.