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Year 4

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Please use the email addresses below to contact your child's class teacher:


To all the children in year 4,


This is certainly not the way that we expected the end of year 4 to be for you. We are immensely proud of how well you have coped with these unprecedented times and have enjoyed hearing what you have been up to when we have called you at home. It is pleasing to see the great work you have been keeping up with at home too, whether that be your own learning or the work we have set you. Even though we do not know what the future holds, we are hopeful that a return to school and a sense of normality is not too far away.

All your teachers love to hear from you, so please keep in contact. 


Hopefully we will see you soon. 

Stay safe

Year 4 teachers xx

Term 6 - Home Learning

Daily Tasks


There are a few tasks you should be doing every day:


- telling the time;

- writing the date (correctly spelling days of the week and months of the year);

- tying shoelaces;

- recite a times table or playing TT Rockstars;

- reading (on your own or with an adult). 


5-10 minutes on these tasks each day will really make a difference.