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Year 6


Year 6

Hi guys! Today I am going to be telling you all about Year 6 which is the year that I am currently in, in our school. I haven’t been in Year 6 for very long so it’s hard to say a lot about it but so far it has been quite enjoyable.

I have enjoyed making new friends and talking to some people in my class that I never really spoke to or people around the school. I am also discovering that I am much better at Sports and playing the fun game of 4-Square.

Since the beginning of Year 5, I am sure that I have improved a lot in my maths and also my writing. I learnt that I can actually do Science fairly well if I tried hard because in Year 5 I didn’t quite like Science. In my opinion, Year 6 is the best year of junior school. I’m not sure but I think it could be, I remember when I first came to the school in Year 3 and it seems very strange being in Year 6 now.

When I leave this school, I will be very sad because I’ll miss my friends but I will still be in contact with them, I’m going to a school which no one else in my class is going to so that’s going to be hard for me but I have other friends going there so it won’t be too sad.

I hope this Year will be as good as all my other Years and I’m sure that if you’re not yet in Year 6 you will enjoy it just as much as I’ve enjoyed it so far.