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Hi guys, today I’m blogging about my trip to the zoo. Year 6 went to Kingswood and on the way there we stopped at the zoo to look at the animals. Classes 6EA and 6AH went at the beginning of the week (Monday to Wednesday), and my class 6RB and 6YCB went at the end of the week (Wednesday to Friday), which I preferred because then it was one week off for half term.

We left school waving goodbye to our parents as we got on the coach. After about one hour we found out who our adult leader was,(mine was Miss Cave-Brown). As we strolled around the zoo we looked at many animals. It was then our time to get on the safari truck. Taking lots of photos, we drove around the bumpy land looking at all the different animals. We soon found giraffes, which is one of my favourite animals, in all unique sizes. As we explored further on we caught antelopes, rhinoceroses, zebras, buffalos and ostriches. As 5the safari ended we looked around, spotting another of my favourite animals, the Tiger. I like them because of their pattern and appearance. Then we stopped, sat down and ate our lunch. After lunch we went to see the dinosaurs, (not real ones). Walking through, we saw different types of dinosaur, some small some towering us. With our time almost up, we headed over to the gift shop, on the way there we saw different types of monkeys and gorillas. Whilst, people were paying we went to look at the wolves. The wolves were beautiful, and as someone kept running up and down the path the wolves would follow!

The zoo was amazing but Kingswood was better as we did more things. I’ll tell you about that on my next blog. Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it and it kept you awake.