WELCOME FROMthe headteacher

We believe that each and every child in our school can become the very best version of themselves on a day to day basis. Through our shared school values of: Kindness, Curiosity, Courage and Honesty, we encourage children to be the very best.

At Shears Green Junior School we believe in equity. No matter what a person’s background or start point is, we have the absolute belief that they can become the very best version of themselves. Through our incredible curriculum, we hope to immerse children in a world of learning where we capture their interests, likes and dislikes to inform our planning...


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"Great teamwork, honest teachers, always available to organise a meeting, offer courses and learning opportunities to parents and do their upmost to bring the community together."


"Amazing culture coming from all staff – warm, inclusive, great buzz – all children like coming to school and learning."


"My child is well looked after and I feel every teacher (even the ones not actually teaching my child) care about each and every child. The library is amazing and my child loves the selection in it."