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Hi and today I am going to be writing about my clubs I do inside and outside of school. With no introduction let’s get straight into it.

Inside of school I do football and hockey club. The football club runs on a Monday after school, I go with my friend Olivia which makes it even better. Here we do football training and play matches. In hockey we play games and training as well, this is run on the Tuesday after school. As well as Olivia joining me ‘Perfectly Phoebe’ also comes. Make sure to check out her page! When I started I was rubbish, but now I have improved.

Outside of school I do gymnastics with ‘DLJ’ and tennis with the ‘Gravesham Tennis Club’. These are my favourite sports I do. I have also improved in both of these since I started. In gymnastics I have learnt to do the splits, walkovers, flips and more. I used to go on a Thursday but then I was invited to join the squad on Tuesday after hockey- which is a rush! Olivia also comes. In tennis I started on orange balls and moved up to green. I have been in tournaments against other members of the club and once played people from Sevenoaks, but sadly lost. I have runners up trophy and a second place medal. Me and my dad have also played together for the ‘Quorn Family Tennis Cup’.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,

(P.S.  It’s my birthday today)